Poodle Breeding and Handling

I – VOGUE LINE - would like to convey the splendor of Toy Poodle without thinking about winning or losing.

Poodles Professional Handler

Shigehisa Sakairi

We breeding Poodles.
Kennel place : Ibaraki


Over years, the eidolon of the dog species including a characteristic, a figure, character, hair, color of each dog species was formed by a hand of "breeder". Based on the standard, we spend our time and effort to bring our dog to the ideal dog and repeat breeding with my burning passion While our taking it over in standard, and generous, writing time and labor to bring one's dog close to an ideal dog, and burning passion I repeat breeding.

Dog Show Results

Introducing the results in dog show


B.I.S Dogs

Introducing the dogs that received the Best in Show award at the FCI International Dog Show



Chosen to a King or a Queen at the Dog shows 5times

Outstanding Sire and Dam

Introducing the Dogs honored from breeding excellent


Not only benevolent as a family, I would like to convey the greatness of dogs to future generations.

We love Poodles

Poodle is a very attractive dog breed. By inheriting the tradition of this wonderful “Poodle” dog breed that is loved around the world, we will actively participate in dog shows as an important guideline for bleeding to improve “more”, aiming to improve dog quality.



Please contact us if you want to transfer the poodle.

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